Friday, September 29, 2006


Location: La Bodega Lounge, Telawi
( Photo: Special thanks to Yasmin )

'I'll be low maintenance and agreeable,
I will not talk about my dreams so much,
I'll listen to you for hours, won't need anything.

I'll be subservient and spineless,
I'll lick your boots as empty shells,
I'll be opinion less and silent,
I'll be the prettiest appendage to ever lose herself.'

So-Called Chaos)


juliana said...

u've probably heard it a million times before.. i dont care.. this time u'll hear it from me...

u make me want to flex and bend just like u... :)

stay super girl :) xoxo

Stupe said...

eh, my pics not there why you smile?


suzequatro said...

wooo.. i can't even stand pilates. more towards bodystep and bodyattack. you are definitely superelastic :)

superdzu said...

your awesomeness,
glad you r still around.
i like this new blog..

great pictures!
great poses!
great yoga instructor!

ayamanna said...

looking good! i love this picture!