Monday, October 30, 2006


Location: Orchard Road (S'PORE)
Photographer: Ace

'Di dalam keramaian,
aku masih merasa sepi,
Sendiri memikirkan kamu,
Kau genggam hatiku,
dan kau tuliskan namamu..'

(DEWA cintailah Cinta)


juliana said...

any time any place.. yoga will stay. never get lost, coz its path would show u the way.. way to where? way to where i wanna be :) u're back!!!!05

EyesOfNabil said...

Apsal edisi yoga pakai baju raya takde?

DareDevil8 said...

Takashimaya.....ahhhhh,what a memory.Was introduced to Kinokuniya back in the 90's.I guess that is a modified pose,if u rest your heel all the way up to the crotch,it will be pretty interesting how this picture will turn out!Yeah can't agree more Orchard does look pretty empty

atilia said...

so sjp!

zelda's diaries said...

saw you in female mag. i must say you look so much better in your blog than over there

Le zebra said...

How could you go around Orchard Road and leave me in the car ... ? And didn't even get me anything ... ? Sob sob ... :(