Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Turn My Head

Location: Yoga House, Medan D'Sara

'Funky temple,
your dress is torn to shreds,
your eyes are crazy,
I bowed to save my head and..

I can't forget you,
but I can't remember..'

(LIVE Secret Samadhi)


Leeds Al-Malique said...

selain warrior, cobra is one of my favourite pose, kalau sblm ni selalu sakit2 pinggang, skang dah takder lagi (plus other yoga benefits yg tak muat utk saye nyatakan di sini).

dan saye suke sgt pics "Turn ur head" dan " A whiter shade of pale" - CUN!

please keep uploading ye miss ninie...:)

~ur biggest fan~

ayamanna said...

Looking good babe :) this is so much better than the flares and pixelated face we've come to know the past few months. Heheheh...

wrzd said...

do you know that you're like an addiction to my being.. (macam over pulak bunyi..)

really cool blog.. been following since the old one.. nice pics.. great posts and poses..

The Yoga Instructor said...

leeds & wrzd: You guys make me feel like a million ringgit. Thanks for the support, time and kindness. You guys touch me and make my day in ways you wouldn't believe.

ayamanna: All this while, my face kan very the comot like dat.. Not that now it's any lesser comot but I think it ruins the aesthetical value of such beautiful pictures taken by brilliant photographers like you :)

But once in a while, if you see boring and uncredited pictures like this, you know lah it's of help of my useful timer and mini tripod. Kenot use you your masterpiece everyday, nanti cepat habis maaaa..