Monday, November 06, 2006

Butterflies And Hurricanes

Location: KLPac, Sentul West

( Photo: Special thanks to Asma )

'Don’t let yourself down,
And don’t let yourself go,
Your last chance has arrived.

Best, you've got to be the best,
You've got to change the world,
And use this chance to be heard,
Your time is now.'

(MUSE Absolution)


DareDevil8 said...

nice little silhouette.

Diah said...

soalan best ^_^

does this have anything to do with the flower and the thing I sent in the bouquet through your mom yesterday?

*cabut lari*

Stupe said...

eh..this is the romeo and juliet of the chinese, at least 1500years ago!

The Yoga Instructor said...

daredevil8: Why thank you. My silhouette is nicer than me, really.

diah: (soalan tak best:) How in the world my mom boleh caught the bride-thrown-bouquet on my behalf? Mana aci main behalf-behalf wey.. Or, she sambut for my bro tu, confirm!

(soalan best:) How in the world did you find me here, cousin?

stupe: OIC! It must've been good then. I didn't go to KLPac for that, was there for last staging of Frankenstein In Love yang ada Abang Rashid saya, heh heh..

Diah said...

(jawapan best): like duh, as if my pc doesn't have a history list :p

(jawapan best jugak): of course can be on behalf, since your mom got 7 weddings to plan up already - with you as a line starter XD your bro belum cukup umur.

Zachary le zebra said...

If I am not mistaken ... Muse just MIGHT be coming to Malaysia ... if they do , would you take me along ... ?