Wednesday, November 29, 2006

If I Could

Location: Studio 807, Jalan Ampang
Photographer: Cris Chen
( Outfit by Stella McCartney for adidas,
thanks to adidas [M] )

'A brand new baby was born yesterday,
Just in time.
Papa cried, baby cried
Said, 'your tears are like mine'.
I heard some words
from a friend on the phone,
didn't sound so good.

The doctor gave him two weeks to live,
I'd give him more,
if I could.'

In Between Dreams)


DareDevil8 said...

great thing bout yoga is even your motherly instinct can shine forth....................yeap u will probably say those things if u eat,sleep and think yoga

such bittersweet emotions.Changing of guard indeed

annaiam said...

congratulations!! yippeeeee!! am soooooo excited for ya!, when you hit big time, don't forget your ki chi miao friends aa ;p i want free yoga for life (that's if i ever go la) hahahahaah!!

The Yoga Instructor said...

daredevil8: Yes, from Foetus to Corpse. It's not 'my life is Yoga' anymore, it's 'Yoga is my life' now :).

annaiam: Just posted a special new entry in case you want to congratulate me one more time :). I'd trade free yoga for life if you'd be my photographer for life, ermmm.. let me see if I still want to be photographed when I turn 50 ya? Madonna did it, why can't I, heh heh..

DareDevil8 said...

wow strong words,emmmmm strong words indeed.

i have no respond to that,can't tokkok at all.

please try less passionate words give me a bit of leeway to tokkok!