Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Standing Still (Part II)

Location: Studio 807, Jalan Ampang
Special Appearance: Natasha from Yoga House, Medan Damansara
Photographer: Potatoe
( The Yoga Instructor's outfit from Stella McCartney for adidas,
thanks to adidas [M] )

'Do you love me, like I love you?
Or am I standing still, beneath the darkened sky?
Or am I standing still, with the scenery flying by?
Or am I standing still, out of the corner of my eye?
Was that you passing me by?
Are you passing me by?

Do you want me?
Do you need me, like I need you to?
And do you want me, like I want you?'
(JEWEL This Way)


DareDevil8 said...

looks like the 'Vitruvian Man' by Leonardo da Vinci

ainayatim said...


annaiam said...

woot! i love the combination of these 2 poses babe. and the fact that you've also included the 'behind the scenes' pic at the post below this, caya laa ;p

btw, check out the composite image of atilia on my flickr. heehehe...will work on the one with both of you after this :)

even though i know it'll be a piece of cake for you, i'll still wish you good luck for this fri! all the best babe!

Leeds Al-Malique said...

ngeheheh miss ninie,

kalau gambar dah lawa, orgnye mestila lawa..bukan separuh lawa tp lawa laaa eheheh ni bukan bodeks tau...iklasss!

tingin nak jadi anak murid u laa..
i buat yoga sendiri2, happy giler to see the changes, but byk lg body parts nak eh? ;)

biker's babe said...

you should really bring your laptop to the class so can see all the pictures...damn cool!!!

The Yoga Instructor said...

daredevil8: That was what the photographer had in mind, I think. Thank God my partner is a lot taller than me or else, it wouldn't turn out this nice :)

ainayatim: Thanks!

annaiam: I love that you shot cantik-cantik behind the scene pictures! Feel like using them all. Expect more Part I, II and III's in my next entry, he hee.. I'm soooooo spoilt for choices of beautiful beautiful pictures shot by you people amazing amazing photographers.

Thanks for the wish! Needing all the luck and best of wishes in the world right now. Or maybe before going tomorrow, I should check out Potatoe's page read back all the nice 'Angelina Jolie :P' comments and feel a whole lot better. Hah haa..

leeds: Nanti kalau ada opening I cakap, ok?

biker's babe: You kena bayar kelas I extra kalau gini, he hee..

nana said...

uish...lawanyer...biler la boleh balance mcm nih????i'm not really good in balancing la...

DareDevil8 said...

like the
1]combination of natural hue on both of u with a monochromatic background

2]both of u are alike [quite]in physique,it's as if pictures of u in two different poses subsequently fused together in one image

The Yoga Instructor said...

nana: Tak susah pun Warrior III ni, saper-saper pun boleh buat. Cuba!

daredevil: :) you should've seen the two of us together. Natasha is like a foor taller than me. Put standing side by side, she's like cold milk and I'm hot mocha! Ha haa..

Thanks for the kind word and support.

DareDevil8 said...

ohhh,thought it was the play of shadows there not natural pigmentation

Anonymous said...

Hi Ninie,
Me and my friend are interested to do yoga. Would you mind telling me the details of your classes? Many thanks and keep on yoga-ing! Nice bods you and Atilia have there :D