Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Location: Wisma Chin Woo, Ipoh
Special Appearance: Ray Park
[ of 'Darth Maul' in Star Wars Episode I : The Phantom Menace
and 'Toad' in X-Men I fame ]
( Photo: Special thanks to Ace
Hair by: Dona using GHD )

'I want the things that I had before,
Like a Star Wars poster on my bedroom door,
I wish I could count to ten,
Make everything be wonderful again..'

Songs From An American Movie, Vol:1)


annaiam said...

now i remember! he's the martial arts expert specialising in wushu right? hahaha! when you told me i was darn blur ;)

Le zebra said...

Feel the power of the force ... :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! u took pic with darth maul?!! and that frog guy from Xmen?!


EyesOfNabil said...

wahhh...dia jadi toad nampak pendek je...tapi dlm gambar nampak tinggi pulak...so, if my cousin jadi one of the X-Men...mesti la pendek lagi on screen. ^_^


The Yoga Instructor said...

annaiam: You sure you weren't on something aaa, babe? He hee.. I sooo can't wait for our shoot this weekend.

le zebra: I still feel 'em! Thank you for following us to Ipoh. Blame your best friend for leaving you high and dry in the car, and he still calls that, what 'unconditional love'? He hee..

anon: Tabik, jangan tak tabik. Although ada rasa menyesal sikit tak suruh dia buat pose susah sikit ;)

eyesofnabil: You are saying I qualify to be an X-Men? Cayalah, Bang Bil. Baru lahhh semangat cousin namanya.. Nanti bila Storm hilang power, I think they'd call me up (perasan tak henggggaaat..). My power ala-ala macam Elasticgirl lah, boleh lipat-lipat. Arwah Atuk would've been proud, oops!

f.z.m said...

Never thought i'd see your blogs again, was just surfin thru and found it!

jar jar binks said...

waaaaa...sempat meyoga. LIke your hair beb :D you buat pagi tu kan :D :-"

Diah said...

went berserk when u called me up few nights ago

let me maul you!!!!!!!!!

anyway... namaste aje?
I think he might be flexible enough for other poses maaaa mcm the tree ke hape ke

EyesOfNabil said...

well for one..i think u can jerit macam x-men bernama Banshee...ahahaha...

Diah said...

LMAO bangbil

I could imagine her bansheeing when she flies

hishhh jahatnye cousin-cousin awak, wahahahaha. anyway... as for my forever odd? hmmmmm

AM said...


nilah hollywood specialnya ye?
memeang special.