Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cinta Mati

TREE (Variation)
Location: Tanah Lot (BALI)
Photographer: Ace

'Masihkah mungkin,
hatimu berkenan,
menerima hatiku untukmu..

Cintaku sedalam samudra,
setinggi langit diangkasa,


..and The Story Goes)

NOTE: Do yourself a favour.
Go watch Cinta the movie.

You'll laugh, cry and love better.


MK said...

babe .. best ke cinta? ...

Anonymous said...

i did watched cinta with my partner.. both cried.

really nice.. warms one heart.. at least it touched ours.

Bart said...

The view's breathtaking

silent-no-more said...

can i ask u something..
if your 'cinta' is not yours anymore what will you do?
mcmmana you deal with it because i think i gonna lost my 'cinta' soon..and it's hurt..really hurt

ohh sorry kalau mcm pelik soalan ni..

DareDevil8 said...


Sang Mentari membelai kalbu

AM said...

Oh I absolutely love Cinta!!!!

and I cried too!

sha said...

seriously CINTA is the most bestest love story for now..memang rugi sape tak simple yet so meaningful..sape yg tak tersentuh ngan citer ni rasenyer, dia ada ati batu kot..ehehe..but it's worth your money and time and energy to watch CINTA...