Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Own Two Hands

Location: Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC)
Special Appearance: VJ Alvey (special thanks to Channel [V])
( Photo: Special thanks to Asma )

'I can change the world,
With my own two hands.
Make it a better place,
With my own two hands.
Make it a kinder place,
with my own two hands,
with my own, with my own two hands.'

Sing-a-Longs & Lullabies
For The Film Curious George)

NOTE: Alvey is the latest addition
to Channel [V] family. He currently hosts
Popparazzi, Remote Control, Make The Call
and will be on the cover of Men's Health Malaysia,
issue March 2007.


warna wani said...

hey he's good! oh, and you were wearing heels!

*Azreen* said...

hello. i am reading your blog for the first time an i must say, i am enjoying it! the photos of your yoga poses, sangat menarik! and the song lyrics u put, really2 nice! this is definitely a blog i will read often!

leeds said...


petite said...

Baby, I still wish we could've found a nicer xmas tree :P 2007's starting out just awesome! alvin's on a mag cover, you'll be on tv, and i'll be missing you! :)

Stupe said...

reading your blog is like reading some celebrities' blog!

:) now i know your full name ninie! :P

axuerra said...

hye ninie..saw you in the star..looking good. =) i think kalau tak masuk kickstart pun for sure u can get that project running..but i guess kalau menang kickstart tu easier way in la kan.

annaiam said...

woot! have a great Xmas weekend babe :D

Shopper Mom said...

now that u're very famous (and presumably bz), will the sunday classes die a natural death? sobs..