Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Year Like This One

Location: Rimba Kiara Park
Photographer: Cris Chen

'After a year like this one,
I'm surprised I did not hate your guts.
And after a year like this one,
I'm surprised I still love music just as much.
After a year like this one,
I'm suprised I did not eat my arm.
After a year like this one,
I'm sorry if I'm not cordial to everyone.


And after a year like this one,
I want you to choose the restaurant.
And after a year like this one,
I'll need a good whole sixteen months alone.
After a year like this one,
I think I'll make the west coast beaches my new home.'

unnamed EP)


Fengster said...

Simply Amazing! I will re-commit myself in yoga this year.

Thank You!

Ah~Mike said...

I not into yoga but still amaze on your moves.Here something for ya.

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen”
Frank Lloyd Wright

valeriechuan said...

heyz! just curious..were u a gymnast before this?

The Yoga Instructor said...

fengster: I thank you!

ah~mike: That's beautiful. SImply inspiring. Thanks!

valeriechuan: I swear I wasn't :) but what a compliment, he he..

valeriechuan said...

hahahah!yeah you are so flexiblee..
haha i only became flexible when i was doing rhythmic gymnastics last time..
now that i dont anymore thought mayb i should switch to yoga soon but not now..2 yrs time?as i m studyin abroad where there's no yoga class here..

anyway, GOOD LUCK! in spreading the art of Yoga to everyone..and i fully support you in doing so! =)

Tom Hayton said...

Hi there!

Jut got back from England and wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and ood luck with everything.