Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So Little Time

Location: Section 12, Shah Alam (thanks to Juliana)
(Photo: Special thanks to Anna-Rina)
For: Hati Yoga VCD Issue 1 featuring Juliana Ibrahim

'Said I've been celibate for years,
Not out of chance there's no one here,
See I can't get my end away,
Another ordinary day,
And I'd love to see a little more of you,
Your clothes would look better on my bedroom floor,
bedroom floor.

Don't you forget about me,
When youre a celebrity,
I know you're busy,
But we all need somebody,
before too long.

So little time so much to do,
I'd rather spend my days with you.'
Fresh Meat)


Stupe said...

powerla babe

Diah said...

when it's all done, tell me where can I get an issue of Hati Yoga. Proud of you *muah*

Zachary said...

Zebrass kena beli magazine ke ... ? Tak dapat free ke ... ? When are you gonna shoot ME ... ?