Monday, March 05, 2007

How To Touch A Girl

Location: Pantai Hillpark
Photographer: Anna-Rina
Special Appearance: VJ Alvey (special thanks to Channel [V] )

I think I could like you
But I keep holding back
Cause I can't seem to tell
If you're fiction or fact
Show me you can laugh
Show me you can cry
Show me who you really are
Deep down inside'
(JOJO The High Road)


EyesOfNabil said...

So, the trend now is saying's a WOOOOT! :)

bola2api said...


where can I get a copy of HatiYoga? I can't find it in Adidas KL sentral n I hope u could guide me as to where I can find it in KL.

N also congratulations on ur first publication!


The Yoga Instructor said...

eyesofnabil: Woooootttt! He hee..

the Razzler said...

Wooootttt!! Nice pic, Nice pose ... love it !! :) :)

ifzan said...

ni pose ape? :)

Stupe said...

:) now siap ada celeb inside a celeb's blog!