Friday, June 22, 2007

Bukan Diriku

Location: Japan Club, KL
( Photo : Special thanks to Asma )

'Setelah kupahami,
ku bukan yang terbaik,
yang ada di hatimu,
Tak dapat kusangsikan,
ternyata dirinyalah,
yang mengerti kamu,
bukanlah diriku.

Kini maafkanlah aku,
bila ku menjadi bisu,
kepada dirimu,
bukan santunku terbungkam,
hanya hatiku terbatas,
‘tuk mengerti kamu,
maafkanlah aku.

Walau ku masih mencintaimu,
Ku harus meninggalkanmu,
Ku harus melupakanmu.

Meski hatiku menyayangimu,
Nurani membutuhkanmu,
ku harus merelakanmu.

Dan hanyalah dirimu,
yang mampu memahamiku,
yang dapat mengerti aku.

Ternyata dirinyalah,
yang sanggup menyanjungmu,
yang dapat menyantunmu,
bukanlah diriku.'
Naluri Lelaki)


Sweettooth said...

alaahh so sad...baru td listening to this song while driving. and that's one killer susah pose u made us do last class...

darling8tabby said...

oohh strong la k

Janey said...

dear ninie.i'm just someone who stumbled upon ure blog a while ago.and i just hope ure doing alright now.ive read some of those comments but its okay!!ure stil surrounded by many who loves u.hmm..probably i should take yoga too :) *cheers!*

Inked and Skew'rd said...

hey there I must admit I will miss reading your blog and your thoughts

Life is full of ups and downs, buts its those of us that pick ourselves up and keep going that matters.

we can never stop people from saying what they want, but thats what makes us stronger.

Keep it up. Look forward to your return

whatever lah said...

you know why you're affected by other ppl's comment? can i make an assumption? just look at ur asadi entry of urs where you proudly made the announcement. you're stuck up. very stuck up.

you're like the smartest smart alec. some of your entries are interesting but you're too stuck up.

i suppose that u dont go to pasar malam or just walk in kl (oh, except for starhill of course...wait... those who live below the poverty line can go there too!) because there are too many ppl wearing the brands that u dont personify. yes?

The Yoga Instructor said...

I'm easily affected by negative comments dropped because (I hope) those weren't written from people who know me personally. I don't think it's only fair to judge me from what I wear and what I write.

Because if they (or you) personally know me, you'd know I do go to pasar malam and I don't go to Starhill because I just don't (and can't afford to) shop there. I can't even afford half of the adidas I'm wearing.

And if they (or you) personally know me, you'd know that I'm too klutz to be the smartest smart alec (no one's called me that, so I'm actually smiling :D) and I can only be stuck up and proud over being the klutziest of klutz around.

And if they (or you) personally know me, you'd know that I get easily affected because I am a typical Libra, oversensitive (I choose sensitive over emotional, he hee..) and I care too much about what other people think because my happiness comes from making people happy.

And again, I write what I write to share my happiness and simply to feel better over a bad day. And yes, for you to laugh at my klutziness and bad sense of fashion and make-up once in a while.

I'm sorry if I did offend anybody but I seriously have nothing over Asadi, it was an intentional joke. Well, I thought I was being funny.

Breathe deeper and smile wider people,
you'd find more to love in someone only if you let yourself to love more.

Janey said...

dear ms/mr anonymous..don't you think that since this is ninie's blog she could say whatever that pops up in her head?
and if you could just read carefully instead of jumping to conclusions..

there's so many layers to oneself.
if you could just see beneath it all..

and just stop putting people down for one's thought.
not everyone can be brave enough to make her voice heard you know..

and again.
its her blog.
if you don't like reading it.stop reading it then.

cheer up ninie!oh well.i bet ure cheered by now already.go human pretzels! :)

Ikram said...


all this mearajuking is about asadi sandals and nini being stuck up?

seriouslylah people (that commented on her asadi starhill /starbucks/ whatever fiasco)

get a life lah weh.why so affected la by what she says. it was said with a joking manner, like you never joked about the indons (indos would be a more polite way) or pensonic rip off of panasonic or anything else that you joke about lah.

There are just , jokes. if you are offended, there are many other BETTER ways to tell her off than to start calling names like smart alec and all.

and if you have something against her and want to hurt her with your words, have the balls to say it up front lah.

Blogs surely have surfaced cowardly people.

Anyway, I actually wanted to tell ninie

"hey, cool yoga pose man. maybe doing an action hero flick would be cool where the sexy spylet kicks butt with yoga moves... maybe cannot sell kot... unless you have a n*de yoga scene... hollywood, biasa la, sex guns and violence"

EyesOfNabil said...

wah..dah lama tak drop by and this happens...@_@

DiaHarris said...

go ninie go!!
sangat suash ok nak buat pose ni...

annaiam said...

fuiyooohhhh. i just saw this. heeheheh...