Monday, April 28, 2008

Like A Stone

Location: Yoga Zone, The Weld
Top: adidas (sportsbra comes with)

"And on I read,
Until the day was gone,
And I sat in regret,
Of all the things that I've done.

For all that I've blessed,
And all that I've wronged,
In dreams until my death,
I will wander on."


For magical benefit of this pose that I personally experienced,
read this.


Kali said...

I've just been looking at all of these and it's all very impressive. Congratulations for getting so far making your dream a reality and good luck in the future! I would take up yoga but it seems impossible - although you make it look easy!

Ms.D said...

i love this pose!! warrior 2 and warrior 1 ( the easiest pose so far..hahaha)

ninie, i've link your blog to mine...if thats okay with you.. :)

i'm a yoga practioner for a bout 2 years now!.. used to go to the yogazone before..but now, i'm with another yoga place near ampang..much closer to my house...

keep posting all the pose!!

-ms. dalila-