Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Better Together

Location: Damansara Heights (special thanks to Shamyl)
Special Appearance: Atilia
Photographer: Anna-Rina

'Love is the answer,
at least for most of the questions in my heart,
Why are we here?
And where do we go?
And how come it's so hard?
It's not always easy and
sometimes life can be deceiving,
I'll tell you one thing,
it's always better when we're together..'

In Between Dreams)


MK said...

Babeee ... lawa gila gambar nie!!!

Anonymous said...

its actually better together by jack johnson...btw,that song really cool.i loike it too...

The Yoga Instructor said...

mk: Kan?

anonymous: It IS Better Together if you see my title. In Between Dreams is the album the song was from. It really is a cool song, I agree.

atilia said...

atleast when i'm 80..i can look at these pictures and feel good about myself....