Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hanging By A Moment

Location: Damansara Heights (special thanks to Shamyl)
Special Appearance: Atilia
Photographer: Anna-Rina
Art Director: AJ

'Forgetting all I'm lacking,
Completely incomplete,
I'll take your invitation,
If you take all of me.
(LIFEHOUSE No Name Face)


JnyPerly said...

Nice one! ;)
I like partner stretching!

Anonymous said...

how in the name of god do you do that?

atilia said...

i'll bend over backwards to support you in any way i can...literally! this awesome person changed the way i look at life. love u!

The Yoga Instructor said...

jnyperly: Why thank you. Partner yoga is very beneficial since some poses can't be achieved / optimized alone. Even nicer if you get a partner who is of almost same size therefore both parties get to give and take turns in stretching each other a little bit if not a whole lot more.

anonymous: In the name of God :)

atilia: You make me sound like Paulo Coelho, you help me feel like Madonna and you almost make me cry by writing that. Thank you, babe. I love you too!

warna wani said...

i can see your bones!! LOL