Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You Make My Day

( A tribute and in remembrance of SEHA
who passed away peacefully on
Wednesday morning, Oct 11, 2006 )

Location: Damansara Heights (special thanks to Shamyl)
Special Appearance: Atilia
Photographer: Anna-Rina

You bring the sunshine to my days,
you're the starlight in my nights,
You're my heaven on earth, boy
You make me feel so right,
You're my knight in shining amour,
You know it's the truth,
don't ever let me go,
You're my dreams come true,
baby I love you,
I'm so happy that you're mine.'

(KRU feat. SEHA Canggih)



rais2410 said...

Yoga Girl

This time, you forgot to hide you face. Anyway, good job on your good blog

Al-fatihah Alyarhammah Seha

The Yoga Instructor said...

rais2410: It was done intentionally :).

Blurring / lense flaring one's face on too beautiful a picture like this will only ruin the photographer's aesthetical value, I think.

your neighbour who bumped into atilia at Sari Ratu last sunday said...

al fatihah

anyway, u suka lagu tu sebab yusry nnyanyi kan? :D

Le zebra said...

Al Fatihah ... sob sob ...

The Yoga Instructor said...

my gorgeous neighbour: Kami bergambar sakan ni hari Ahad tu lah, he hee.. Semua orang saya paksa bergambar / ambik gambar saya and they can't say no for it was my birthday. If I did go to Camp 5 that Sunday, you all pun kena, he hee..

Honestly I can't remember when was the time I heard this song, when I was 12 maybe (if not 10 lah sebab Canggih keluar 1992, he he..). Ingat tak masa tu ada Benson & Hedges Golden Dream, this Chinese girl minat gila kat KRU and her dream was to spend a day with KRU. Not only they made her dream come true, KRU invited her to sing with them and she sang Seha's part in / for this song. Now I'm 24 and whewww, 12 tahun lepas I boleh ingat lagi. Yusry punya pasal, he hee..

le zebra: Didn't know you're a fan. What a loss, kan? Al-fatihah.

rais2410 said...

Couldn't agree more.

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday!

May God Bless you Always..

silent-no-more said...

Hi yoga instructor

Bila cakap pasal Yusry,I ada satu crita nih.I pernah tanya kawan I yg penah blajar kat STF sekejap sebelum pindah skolah kat penang..

I tanya dia,baca tak blog you..when i describe you based on your picture and writtinga and then she said "ohhhh dia tuh...dia minat gila KRU eh?" heheheheh

The Yoga Instructor said...

rais2410: Thank you, god bless us all, Insyaallah.

silent-no-more: HA HA HA HAAA!! Hmmm, now I'm wondering who's that friend of yours is.

Dulu I was their biggest fan, you wouldn't believe BUT I was 13 then, boleh dimaafkanlah.. And they WERE good ok? Heh heh..

Stupe said...

Condolences to all the fans of Seha.

Sweettooth said...

hahaha...that Chinese girl is my good friend merangkap ex-biras. She's a successful lawyer with own firm now. And u know what she actually wrote that it's her dream to record a reggae song in Jamaica but got KRU instead. The reason they gave: Jamaica ws dangerous at that time and KRU tgh naik but she didnt mind coz dpt masuk tv kakakakaa.

rais2410 said...


ahak!! That's funny..Who would expect that..!

reggae at jamaica = KRU..??

Hehe.. So, B&H did not really make the girl's dream comes true..

kawan Norman kruk said...

yeah I remember that B&H golden dream episode :P:P kalau i jadi thet girl, I wouldve screamed and jumped and kissed them at the door like those in Pimp My Ride did to X-hibit. :D But then again, this is Malaysia.

Shopper Mom said...

i absolutely love this photo!

The Yoga Instructor said...

stupe: Dude, where lah my BK?

sweettooth: Omigod, what a small world! The next time I come to teach you, you have to tell me more, ok?

kawan norman (ke ex-gf, he hee..) kruk: To kiss them alone, is my golden dream. Ha haa..

shopper mom: When Sunday class resumes, kita pun boleh bergambar partner yoga, ok? Anyone of my size and (almost) same level of flexibility can.. Miss you much!

Stupe said...

YI -when are you free la? i waiting for u to call on your bday, because i've no idea when was that except during Puasa month!

Esok dah raya dah babe!

Selamat Hari Raya!