Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Selalu Denganmu (preview)

HEADSTAND (Step By Step)
Location: Rimba Kiara Park
Special Appearance: Atilia
Photographer: Cris Chen
( The Yoga Instructor's outfit from Stella McCartney for adidas,
thanks to adidas [M] )

"Adakah, waktu yang tak terbatas?
Untukku merasa bahagia,
Saat-saat aku jatuh cinta,
Saat ku terbang jauh ke sana.."

(ATILIA Sangkar)

NOTE: Exclusive preview of Selalu Denganmu
can be heard at Channel [V] Amp Chart
(under track name Selalu)
in which Atilia has been Channel [V]'s No. 1 Featured Regional Artist
for two weeks and counting.


atilia said...

i love you TYI!!!! thanks so much for being supportive. kita vortex ok.....

DareDevil8 said...

the pictures look as if it's taken indoor with manipulation of lighting but of course it's not.

emmmmm.........a Reverse 69?

Le zebra said...

I can do that ... he he he ... :)

The Yoga Instructor said...

atilia: I love you too, babe! On a second thought, I baru tengok Final Destination 3 semalam.. Can I change my mind for the Vortex? Unless you promise to hold my hand tight?

daredevil8: Ha haa, it was out in the daylight. 12 in the afternoon in fact. Isn't 69 a reverse of itself :)? Oh, I get you. Facing outward, I see.

le zebra: What can you do? The headstand, or the Reversed 69? He hee.. :)

annaiam said...


atilia, i want signed copy of your CD! heheehe..

ninie, i want signed copy of your first edition .....(when it comes out. not if, but when ;p)

dari aku yang tak tahu malu ;D

atilia said...

TYI : of course...i will hold your hand..tapi jgn gross eh...i have sweaty palms

annaiam : i saw you on TV last weekend....so the glam ah u!!! he he he of course babe i'll give u a signed copy (with lipstick mark oso can)..he he he. anyway babe, i will be calling u real soon cos i need u to help with the album cover shots (cant use some of them...will tell u later when we speak)...muah

annaiam said...

cool bananas!

nana said...

aiya...altho u put step by step i oso cannot do lar....nice bod u got there...ni yg jeles nih...