Sunday, November 26, 2006

So Unsexy

Photographer: Potatoe

'All these little rejections
how they add up quickly,
One small sideways look
and I, feel so ungood and..

Somewhere along the way
I think,
I gave you the power
to make
me feel the way
I thought,
only my father could..

I can feel so unsexy
for someone so beautiful,
so unloved
for someone so fine,

I can feel so boring
for someone so interesting,
So ignorant
for someone of sound mind.'

Under Rug Swept)


annaiam said...

unloved? unsexy? boring?

n-ah, that ain't in my dictionary when it comes to telling people about the divine yoga instructor.

you look dayum fine in that pic babe :) woot!

The Yoga Instructor said...

annayouare: We can't feel too good about ourselves all the time, can we? Especially when not everybody thinks and sees the same about and of us :(.

We can work out, tone up our muscles all we want, but tell me tell me how do we strengthen one's heart?

AM said...

Gambar itu sangat cool!

And how do we strengthen one's heart? I say, prayers. And love :)

justordinary said...

i love your tone body..although u r quite small but who cares if its sleek and strengthen ones heart are to be grateful and thankful and dont be a fool..hahaha..

Leeds Al-Malique said...

eh mane pegi pic child pose, dah ilang kerr..

"We can't feel too good about ourselves all the time, can we? Especially when not everybody thinks and sees the same about and of us :("

u r pretty and sexy and dont ever feel down bout urself coz u work hard to get what u have now.

don care bout what everybody thinks.

selambe n cool always ~ belasah jer

Anonymous said...

dear ninie,

u r beautiful, n u know that, not let people's envy fool your heart.

Shopper Mom said...

yeah, whatever happened to that child's pose pic?

but this one's just as beautiful, if not more ;)

hope to see u this week.

DareDevil8 said...

tinge of insecurity
i wonder whether this fits the occasion
i'm quoting myself in other blog

>LoVe has too many variables,difficult to grasp,thus our perpetual fascination with it.we as human lacks the appreciation of simple things,not all anyway.

how is it possible for perpetual love?the lingering of that all true fiery lust to be touched,heard,locking eyes in all its innocence,sharing similar emotions and fluttering around in search of adventures.
i guess love morph into mutual respect,truest of friend and the occasional welling of emotion we called LoVe<

annaiam said...

how to strengthen one's heart? the answer to that is elusive to all. i reckon it's something no one can answer you and deep down inside, you alone know the answer (eh, so cliche la aku ni)

my best guess about strengthening one's heart would be for us to live life as we think is right, count all our blessings, love and treat others as we want to be loved and treated - everything else will fall in place.

DareDevil8 said...

it's difficult to strenghten the heart and futile to avoid it.

despite counting all your blessings till the sky drops and swallow u up,the gist of the issue is NEED.

NEED creates more is infinite thus the bondage to a weak heart.

breaking the shackles of NEEDS require seeing things as IT IS.the unmalign TRUTH.

Does YOGA helps u?