Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Don't Wanna Be

Location: Studio 807, Jalan Ampang
Photographer: Anna-Rina
( Shorts: adidas by Stella McCartney, special thanks to adidas [M] )

'I don't want to be,
Anything other than
what I've been trying to be lately..

All I have to do,
Is think of me
and I have peace of mind..

I'm tired of looking 'round rooms,
Wondering what I've got to do,
Or who I'm supposed to be,
I don't want to be anything other than me.'


*Azreen* said...

ninie do u have any website for details of ur yoga classes??

The Yoga Instructor said...

azreen: Hi Azreen! Thanks for inquiring about my yoga class. Just drop me an e-mail at and I will forward you the details.

By the way, I checked your blog and it's so fun, fun, fun! Why didn't I know about this before! Cuma I'm not an Anna Sui nor Stila fan. I think their packaging is comot, I'm weird like that, I know! He hee..

Cikha said...

Kak Ninie, saya dah email di but no reply. It is about the magazines. Thank You.

MAHIMA said...

i just love your blog. its really inspiring!!
i have my yoga practice every morning and this blog is the perfect motivation!
i tried this half lotuc variation looking at the comp screen right now.
found i can more or less do it except it needs more concentration than i thought. :)